Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tire Swing


When you went back to your village, have you seen a used tire improvise being a pot at garden? And somehow people used this tire be a cushion or seated. But tire also can be something fun to our children. It can be a unique swing to our children. Instead not use many money, it also echo safe. Let’s begin!

A used tire
Strong rope. This kind of rope is being use for tied the cow at farm.
A tree

First at all, you hang the rope at the tree branches. Make sure the branches are strong and steady. You can used ladder or just climb on it. Make sure the length of rope not too near with the ground. For more safety, you can tied the rope first at the branch.

After justify the distance, you tied the tire at the rope. Tie the rope around the tire using a square knot. You can learn this kind of tie at youtube. After that, put a heavy stuff at the tire for test the safety. You can use the swing if the rope not worn.

For more attractive, you can paint it or decorate it.

This is the example of tire swing that you can try it!

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