Friday, August 28, 2015

Cereal Box as book shelfter

 Who here love to eat cereal? But you know cereal also benefit to protect your beloved books. This also can be a part of decoration at your living room.
Let’s learn!


Cereal box


Modge Podge/ UHU glue

Paint Brush

Scrapbook paper


1) Cut the top flaps off your cereal box
First, trace the shape you want for your magazine folder. You need at least 5 inches at the bottom and 3 inches at the top to hold your magazines securely. You can cut the shape depend on your personal taste, straight/curve.

2) Mod Podge
When you already have basic shape, paint a layer of Mod Podge on the box and lay your paper on top of the glue. You also can use newspaper; this is function to make your shelf look thick. Cut the scrapbook paper around your box, leaving at least 1/2 inch to 1 inch around on all sides.

3) Adjust the Corners
To fold the corners simply use your scissors to cut a slit right at the corner and fold both pieces in. Mod Podge all the edges as you fold them in. I don’t worry about the entire inside but I do want a nice folded over edge. To fold the paper around the curved edges, make slits in the paper every inch or two to allow the paper to fold more easily.

) Complete the box side
Measure the box side and choose the scrap paper that no bigger than your cereal box. Paste the scrap paper at the cereal box. It looks best to have a strip that is smaller than the total width so
Measure your box side and choose the width of your outside strip. Cut the strip and Mod Podge it on, folding over at the top and bottom. It looks best to have a strip that is smaller than the total width. As long you have a simple pattern or using a different pattern for your strip.

Tadaaa,its done. You can reduce your trash from cereal box and it also can useful not only for book but also for others thing depend on how your creative.  

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