Sunday, August 30, 2015

Newspaper bags

I want to ask, if you have shopping bag instead of using plastic bag when buying grocery on Saturday? Sometime when you doing grocery on Saturday, you forget to bring shopping together so you need to pay 20 cents for plastic bag. So today, we will do DIY of grocery bag/ shopping bag using of newspaper. Well, newspaper really useful not only for give information as reading material but also for saves the world. So let’s go to beyond and infinity.






handles of an old broken bag


First, you take out the newspaper and spread it. Take two or three sheets of newspaper.
Then, fold it horizontally and staple the loose side and leaving a space of around 1 inch between the staples.

Fold the side you just stapled inward and the flip it and repeated to other side. Do it same for the other side.

Next, make a small fold on the bottom side and staple it. Then fold 2 inch of the bottom side you just stapled and flip it both sides.

Then press the bottom to strength it.
The last thing that remains is to make some support preventing your bag from collapsing in the bottom.

To do this simply cut out a cardboard rectangle and put it on the bottom. You can glue it down if you want to but it's not needed. This is important when you buy heavy stuff; the bags will wear out if you don’t apply the support.

After that, this is now to attach the handles. You can use the handles from old bag or you can make new one by using newspaper. Just roll the newspaper and you get the new holders. Now, staple the handles with the bag.

You can create many bags as you want as long you have newspaper. You can put it in your car so you will never forget to save the earth by carry your own bag. And this process only takes 5 minutes. You also can decorate it using your sense and creativity. 

Here the video for more details about the DIY of newspaper bags :) 


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