Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jeans Pocket

We meet again for save the day and also save the earth. Today, I would like to share about how to reuse your Jeans Pocket. You can use the jeans that you never wore again because of the size or bleach. Let’s start.

Old denim shorts/jeans with pockets
Super glue
Cork board/ polestrine board that have been decorate with craft paper

First, you cut the pocket from the jeans.
Next, you put the glue at the jeans and paste it at the board.
Repeat the same ways until the board full with the pocket.
Taddaa, it is very easy and simple. Now you can put anything you want in the pocket. You also can hang it on the wall.

For more neat and security you can sew it.
And for more visual, you can check the video from here
Have fun crafting!

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