Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rock Photo

Have you seen a picture floaten from the rock? Look cool, right? Moreover, it will be awesome if it can be your decoration on your room or event. This is could be rock the memory.

Colour spray/acrylic colour
Wire cutter

First, you need to paint all the stone. You can use any colour you like. If you want, you can draw or do a doodle. I suggest for add a little sprinkle or glitter.
Then once the rocks have dried, wrap them with the wire. You can wrap it around depend on your creativity.
Next, stop wrapping and in the middle of the top rock, bend the wire so it sticks straight up. By using cutter, cut your desired height. After that, you can use your hand to create a loop at the top as a holder to hold your pictures. If you want, you can use plasticine or clip to attach the picture. As I said, it depend on your creativity.
Now, it’s done.
You know, you don’t need to use money for create something beautiful. Just a rock from the backward is enough to colourful your room.

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