Bulb Vase

Who here love gardener and short of the vase? Or you like gardener but you are too busy to take care of it and your living in apartment that doesn’t have an area for you to have garden.  Don’t worry; I have a solution for you. So today, I will provide you with the light bulb vases. At your home, you will totally change your bulb for several times but what you did with the old bulb? How about you use it as a part of decoration and a part of echo green for your house? This also can be used for wedding or any event.

Old light bulbs
Needle nose pliers
Nail set
Rope/knit threads/hanger/floral wire


First, you really need to remove the black part of the bulb which is containing the resistance and light.

 Work with the pliers and be careful with the glass.  Remove all the guts from the bulb. Once the black part is removed, you will get easy to get out the wire inside the bulb.

Then, you get the empty lightbulb.

Add water and flower and then hanging it with wire or any kind type of hanging.

If you don’t like the metal part, you can covered it with fabric or paint it. You also can paint the bulb with any kind of colour or just use the original transparent bulb. Moreover, you also can just put it on your table. After all, its depend on your creativity.

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