Rose egg carton

The dull and boring egg carton

Did you know what to do with the egg carton? Instead be a place to put kettle, this egg carton also useful for decoration. What to do? Here the solution.

The egg carton can turn out to roses. And this rose can be decoration to the mirror, frame or anything that you think best.

So let’s learn how to change egg carton to Roses.

Material used:

Cardboard egg carton -- one carton makes four 2-inch flowers


Hot glue guns

Acrylic colour

First all, cut the egg carboard like the picture bellow.

After that cut out the 12 egg cups where there are 4 petals for each flower layer.
The inner layers will be having shorter petals, and will be cut down to size, so the form doesn't need to be as perfect for those pieces.

For first layer petals:
Layer 1- These are known as the outer petals of rose. We just use the natural shape of the carton. These petals should be kept as long as possible. Hit it so the petals lay flat.

For the second layer:
Same like first layer, this time also use the natural shape of the carton. Cut out four petals, from top the bottom of the form.

For the third layer:
Cut out four petals and make them a little shorter than the first two layers. This layer will need to fit inside layer 2, you need to fold the carton into the desired shape.

For the fourth layer:
This is the smallest layer (the pointed tips that we cut out first) and the innermost of the rose. Make a cut into each corner of the form, and then shape it with rounded top.

After finished the entire layer, put it together for build a rose. Then colour it with your desire but the flower look nice with their own basic colour.

 After the colour is dry, glue it together using glue stick. Then you can put this rose at the place that you want. 

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