Galaxy Jar 2

Hi, we meet again. So today I would like to continue the galaxy jar part 2 which is using glow stick. For those who likely to sleep with night lamp, you can use this stuff for accompany you when you are sleeping. It also can reduce the using of electric. So let’s go to material that needed.



Glow stick
Safety glasses

When using the glow stick, you need use stick that can easily come out while you are cutting it. Don’t worry, although some researches said that the chemical light is oily and highly toxic but there also non-toxic ones available and washable too. Moreover, about the glow stick quality, please don’t use cheap and Chinese stick since it is do not glow for even an hour and do not stick to the jar at all. 

For Malaysian, it is hard to find the quality glow stick but you can find it at this page:


Purchase some battery-operated LED string lights. The best lights for this project are the miniature LED string lights with a small battery pack. They are often used to decorate miniature villages and houses. You can also use ordinary-sized LED string lights, but make sure that they are battery operated and that the wire is not too long. Look for something with a silver or white-colored cable. You are using LED lights because they do not produce as much heat as regular lights.


1. You need to cut off the glow stick 
2. Pour the glow stick into the jar

3. Then pour glitter. The quantity and colour is depending on your personal.

4. Then, close the lid and then  shake it out into the jar fast
5. Then finished. You can decorate the lid or outside the jar by add some ribbon or label. 

You can check it the video for more visualize :)

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