Can Coasters


Do you have an idea what to do with the beverage canes instead of sell it to the recycles? Yeah, we can turn it out be a vase at the garden or your dinner table, can change it to be a flower or decoration and be a place to put the stationery. But today, I want to DIY the beverage canes to be a coaster. Coaster is the best thing for protect your table from unwanted moisture. You can use the empty can from any kind of beverage like Pepsi, Coca-cola or 100 plus. So let’s do it! 


4x4 ceramic tiles (you can buy it or use the old ceramic tiles from your floor)
Empty soda can
shoes glue
Scissors or tinsnips 
T-shirt grocery bag
Paint brush
damp cloth
Something to use as weights 


First at all, wash the cans with the water, after cleaning it, cut off the top and bottom of the can with the scissors or tin snips. Be careful when cut it, I suggest wearing garden gloves for protection.  And then cut the flat part of the can for the nice size square. 

Second, paste some Shoes glue at the back of the aluminum square. Next, I attached then to ceramic tiles. Flatten and rub the tin square so that it is securely attached. For the excess glue, you can wipe with a damp warm cloth. 

Third, put the t-shirt grocery bag over the tile and laid a heavy book on it and let them dry over the night. For make the can look shiny, you can use a small paint brush and painted some varnish. It will also protect the edges from peel up and also protect the edges from scratching you. 

for get the really flat coaster

paint it with varnish

Then simply place some felt pads on the bottom of the coasters to protect your table top from getting scratched! This felt pads you can get from your old sofa or you can use a span as long it smooth and thick.

Tadaa, it’s done. 

You also can add a magnet at the back of the tile and can be used at refrigerator as the decoration. This kind of coaster will have sentimental value for those who likely to collect the beverage drink like coca-cola maniac. Instead being a accessories it also can save the earth. 

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