Today, I want to share about the benefit of DIY. As we know DIY is where we recycle or decorate back some stuff to something new without using much cost and just using your creativity.  There are 3 benefit of Do-It-Yourself which are save the cost, save the earth and can be as hobby and career.

First, the advantage by Do-It-Yourself is we can save the cost. Instead buying new decoration for your house, you can use recycle stuff to change it to new stuff. Like example, you can use bottle from beverage as vase by decorate it with ribbon or change it colour. This by same time develops your creativity and yourself invention. John Riha stated that, “Nevertheless, going DIY is the ultimate money-saving tool. You’ll also get tons of satisfaction and enjoyment from creating a better home environment, and from learning home improvement skills that’ll last a lifetime. ”proof that DIY are really benefit.

Go Green by using DIY method

Moreover, by using back the old stuff, it can reduce the waste and also can lower the manufactured. When people start to be creative by use back their old stuff to craft thing, the waste will be decrease and the earth will be cleaner. Besides, the factory also will lower their manufactured for create furniture and decoration because the material for create them is from nature. Dake Hakken stated at Innovation Design article 0n 2013, “"I believe in this way people can start taking care of recycling themselves and don't have to rely on the huge industry," means that people will develop their own design not depend to buy it anymore after this

DIY as simple and easy so can make you wanted it as a hobby

Next, by applied DIY, you also can develop it as a hobby and in same time can be career. Some people look DIY as a platform for new business because there are people who are not really creative or time to do some craft but looking for beautiful, unique and affordable decoration for their home. People also can do this a hobby when they’re in leisure time. By doing DIY also, people can release their stress and express their feeling and passion towards the craft and after if finished, they will feel better and satisfied with their own creativity and in same time can enjoy doing it. According to WannaRead (2014), “Doing projects yourself is very rewarding and fulfilling. Yes, during the project it might be hard at times and downright dissapointing but if you keep moving forward past the humps you will be surprised at what you can accomplish with your two hands and your brain.” Show how meaningful DIY can give to person who did it.

As conclusion, DIY is very important because they can save your money, nature-lover and also can be your career and hobby. I hope people will be aware about the effectiveness of DIY and also interest to challenge their self for Do-It-Yourself.

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