String Chandelier

Hi, are you ready for the next DIY?
Let’s begin.

So today, we will do string chandeliers. Did you know how one of this in market cost? It is about RM200+. But now, you will get it by lower cost. Don’t worry J this decoration is useful for wedding and house or garden decoration.



Corn starch



fishing line

Lightning kit (if you want it to be a lantern)

Transparent plastic


1. Inflate the balloon depend on the size you want.
2. If you’re looking to make a lampshade out of the string chandelier, use a sharpie to mark around the knot on the balloon.
3. Before you start working, mix corn starch, glue and warm water together until it has a smooth texture.
5. Wrap the plastic all over your balloon until it is completely coated so the twine wet with glue won’t stick on the balloon after dry.
6. You can start a little assembly line with friends by one of you feeding the yarn through the glue mix and giving to another person to wrap it around the balloon.
7. Start wrapping the balloon vertically, slowly changing to wrapping. For a seamless look, tuck the ends of the twine under one of the wrapped strings.

8. Wait 24 hours until the balloon has completely dried before popping the balloon.

This picture show the simple way
Instead of being lantern, it also can be decoration with the candle,

That's all, I hope you gais enjoy with this DIY :)

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