Friday, August 21, 2015

DIY- Jar of Galaxy (Cotton)

Today I want to share how to make DIY of Galaxy of Jars. This is Galaxy of Jars can be used as a decoration in living room and also for bedroom. This DIY is really easy and separate to two options which are by used cottons or by used glow liquid.

First, I will share how to make Galaxy of Jars cotton.  


Colour water acrylic
You also can use food colour that your mom always use for bake.   

Jar (any type as long it have lids)
You can use Preggo's jar of ketchup bottle depend on your creativity and stuff.

this can be found at any supermarket, if not you can use your own cotton from the old pillow.


Stick to mix


 1.       First, you add water in the jar and then add the cotton one by one.
  2. After put the cotton, you add the one colour with the glitter. Like example, you choose pink colour.
3. Press the cotton by stick to make sure the water is absorbed. Then close the lid and shake it.
4. Make sure there is no water left from the first colour.
5.After that, add cotton along with water. Then add another colour you like and close the lid and shake.

Example jar with full of cotton

6. Repeat it after you got full of cotton in jar with the colour you want and then you got your galaxy.  

The finished Jar of Galaxies

Here the video for more details. 


I will share the DIY Galaxy in a jar using glow liquid by next time :)

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