Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Float Book

Today I want to share about invisible floating bookshelf. Have you thought about what to do with the book that you won’t read again but in same time you feel insecure to throw it away? If yes, I suggest for you to make it to a bookshelf. You can also use Yellow Page Book that I think never being used even Harry Potter crew change it to be an old book for their prop in the film. So, let’s begin.

Good sized "L" Bracket
Carpet Knife
Small wood screws (of the flat headed variety)
Large wood screws
Tape Measure or Ruler
A Stack of Books for Weight


First, you have to choice the book that you want sacrifice to be shelf. Make sure the book is thick or larger. Then open the cover back and measure the L-bracket onto the page and draw the outline. You also can use the book gap that always being used in the library.

Then, use your knife to cut the pages by following the outline that had been drawn. You need to cut deeply enough so the back cover of the book can be closed tight against the pages when the bracket is inserted. Make a notch in the top edge of the book for the L-bracket. This way the book can sit flush against the wall.

For more neat, you can drill at the one on either side toward the edges of the book to secure the pages of book together.

Then, put the glue at the page for hold the bottom cover of the book in place and screws hold the pages together.

Press them with stack of books on top of it and wait overnight.

Next, mount the bracket to the wall using the large wood screws. To keep the shelf level, screw the bracket with a single screw at first, place a level across the book, make any necessary adjustments, and secure the shelf with a second screw.

And, put the books to cover the ‘L’ bracket. Now, you have the floating books that will make people amaze when see it.

Another example

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